China National Radio

China National Radio

  • Year:2008 City:Beijing
Since 2000, ACE Company has been involved in several systems transformation projects of China national radio. We are successfully complete the audio main control system, concert hall, Dolby Atmos Dubbing studio and other system’s transformation. At the same time, we are offered some relevant systems ‘core equipment. Moreover, we are professional in system design, integration, and debugging, technical support services.

Main control system in radio station

This system is composed by main/backup broadcast matrices, external signal switch matrix and intelligent monitoring system. It is a center of nine programs and multichannel signal dispatch, signal distribution, signal monitoring, and signal broadcasting.

Live broadcast rooms for radio station(10 audio sets)

Each program has main and backup two live broadcast rooms. In the two rooms, audio system is hot backup to each other. In total, 20 digital Mixing Console for Radio & TV Broadcasting Applications at the 10 live broadcast audio systems.

Small-sized recording system (30 sets)

This radio station built 30 dialogue recording rooms. They choose On Air 2500 digital mixing console as the system’s center. These audio systems are service for 9 programs of different channel.

Concert hall

Broadcast mixer and PA mixer composed the concert hall’s audio system. The audio system uses an advanced optical fiber transmission combine with net to achieve signal sharing architecture.

Dolby Atmos Dubbing studio

CNR as a national radio station is walking in the lead which builds a system of Dolby Atmos for the Home. This system is 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos has the capabilities of mixing sound and rendering.
The establishment of this system creates a comparative condition for business innovation, expansion and talent cultivation.

Popular music recordings studio

This studio is mainly used for recording and post-production of popular music.

Other regions studios of CNR (CHINA NATIONAL RADIO)

1, Audio system of broadcasting and recording in Xinjiang news bureau
2, Audio system of broadcasting and recording in Yunnan news bureau
3, Audio system of broadcasting and recording in Tibet news bureau
4, Audio system of broadcasting and recording in Shenzhen news bureau
Pro audio
China National Radio
Major Equipment

STUDER            OnAir 2500 (MIXING CONSOLES)
STUDER            OnAir 3000 (MIXING CONSOLES)
STUDER            Vista 5 M3 (MIXING CONSOLES)
CROWN             I-TECH Series
JBL                     LSR SERIES
JBL                     VTX SERIES
STUDER             VISTA Series
STUDER             OnAir Series

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