ACE New Products Technical Exchanges in Beijing - aiming for 2019

ACE New Products Technical Exchanges in Beijing - aiming for 2019

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ACE New Products Technical Exchanges in Beijing - aiming for 2019

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Hosted by the Sound Professional Commission of China Institute of Stage Design and Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Company Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ACE), and organized by Beijing North ACE Digital Technology Co., Ltd, an event themed “New Products Technical Exchanges” will be held at ACE (Beijing) on April 18th 2019, aimed at driving quality development of new technologies, upholding new development concepts, promoting product upgrading, and enhancing overall industry competitiveness.


With over 70 years of technical experience, JBL Professional loudspeakers have won the recognition of many musicians, specialists and organizations across the globe. As the revolutionary offering of JBL Professional, the JBL VTX series has now introduced JBL VTX A8 & B18, providing a compact solution for small and medium-sized rental applications, touring performances, audio-visual needs of companies, and artistic performances. The event will focus on introducing the JBL VTX A8, and outdoor listening has been arranged to allow participants to intuitively feel its charming sound.


In addition, we will also introduce the SOUNDCRAFT Vi series digital console, RF VENUE wireless audio system, and TASCAM products.



13:00-13:30  |  Sign in
13:30-14:00  |  Introduction to TASCAM products
14:00-14:45  |  JBL VTX A8 line array loudspeakers
14:45-15:15  |  Outdoor listening + tea break
15:15-15:40  |  SOUNDCRAFT Vi series consoles
15:40-16:10  |  RF VENUE wireless audio system
16:10-16:20  |  Lottery


With proprietary JBL transducers and latest-generation high-frequency waveguide acoustic design, JBL VTX A8 offers performance, efficiency, 110° horizontal coverage, and a maximum sound pressure level of up to 139dB that delivers even sound stage coverage, providing a compact solution for all sorts of small and medium-sized rental applications, touring performances, audio-visual artistic performances of companies, and theaters.


* 110°dispersion to deliver even coverage, with controllable range of directivity as low as 300Hz
* Patented JBL Radiation Boundary Integrator® (RBI®) design reduces angle diffraction, enhances sensitivity, and lowers distortion.
* New low-frequency units (LF) offers frequency as low as 55Hz that delivers the best bass effects.
* The same high-frequency units (HF) with the VTX A12 provide excellent sonic consistency.
* Compact and lightweight design, full-face, enclosed grille, an IP rating of up to IP55, and customized appearance colour.


What can we do to offer convenience and flexibility to the performing arts cause in the new era of IP audio?
Three types of TASCAM new products will be presented, giving our customers a greater edge in a performing arts era when baseband audio and IP audio coexist.


1U-size Dante converter has 32 channel analogue line input/output. Dante protocol is adopted. It supports building of highly stable and flexible systems.
2. MM-2D


Built-in DSP, and a Dante converter with 2 mic/line inputs/2 line outputs, to meet various demands of the contractor market and professional audio applications.


Support multiple audio interfaces, including MADI/Dante/Analogue/AES 64-channel digital multi-track recorder/player, 1U size. Backup recording is also available to allow synchronization to the ProTool system.


In the era of baseband audio and IP audio, how to make various forms of audio signals compatible with each other has become an important subject not only for live performances and studios, but for exploration and adaptation to new technologies and compatibility with outdated devices. The foregoing three new products of TASCAM can provide great solutions to these problems. And given TASCAM’s superb performance and good reputation in the performing and radio market, it will certainly contribute a lot!


The SOUNDCRAFT Vi series digital consoles offer a series of advanced functions that include the groundbreaking SOUNDCRAFT SpiderCore DSP, the updated 3D graphic touchscreen interface, and multi-screen operations, helping customers use the products more easily and rapidly.



RF VENUE wireless audio system introduction


01. Composition of a wireless audio system
Features of wireless microphones and monitoring headphones

02. Basic needs of wireless audio
Audio performance and safety are equally important. “Frequency loss” should be reduced.

03. Antenna system
How to correctly build antenna system

04. Wireless frequency planning
The process of implementing a wireless audio system
05. Summary
Please start from today to take wireless audio seriously!


Traffic notes:


Address: No.50, Shuangqiaozhong Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing

01. Self driving - a. Drive 2.2 kilometers towards the south (crossing a railroad bridge) from the Jingtong Highway Shuangqiao intersection, and you shall arrive at the destination on the southeastern side of the traffic light at the end of the road. b. Drive out of the Guangqu Rd. Shuangqiao Exit, and you shall arrive at the destination on your right side after passing the first traffic light towards the east.

02. Metro/Bus - Walk out of the Metro at the Shuangqiao Station West Exit, cross the road, walk 20 meters to the west to get on Bus 397/475, get off the bus at Xianninghou Station, walk 200 meters to the south, and turn to the left at the traffic light.

03. Shuttle Bus - 12:50-13:20 p.m. April 18th (pick-up), 17:00 (return to Guomao), Guomao Metro Station Exit G, Plate: 京AL2165, Contact: HUANG Yanmin, 15226677404.

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