BIRTV 2019 | ACE joined hands with STAGETEC for win-win outcomes

BIRTV 2019 | ACE joined hands with STAGETEC for win-win outcomes

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BIRTV 2019 | ACE joined hands with STAGETEC for win-win outcomes

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Congratulations to ACE that has become the agent of STAGETEC’s products



Headquartered in Berlin, STAGETEC, a professional audio technology manufacturer, decided to add ACE to the list of its agents in Greater China starting from June 2019 following friendly consultations with ACE. “ACE is a powerful partner, as it has a sales network spreading across China, extensive experience in system design and implementation, countless project achievements, and the status as an agent for several world-renowned brands. Apart from that, its influence in broadcasting stations will be of a great help to our business in the area. STAGETEC will benefit from such partnership,” said Mr. ZENG Dong, President of STAGETEC China.
STAGETEC Brand Profile


Founded in 1993, STAGETEC is a company that specializes in innovating audio technology development and production. Well known as one of the pioneers that led the transition from the analog to the digital audio technology, it has been leading the technology of audio network products with a number of patents and development. Its products have been applied across the world, including the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, Vatican, the BBC, the Berlin Philharmonic, the Olympic stadium in Beijing, as well as the broadcasting companies of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and China.



ACE would like to thank STAGETEC -a manufacturer of high-quality products - for its favour and trust, for which it will blaze a trail with the honour of collaboration and the passion of win-win progress.


At the beginning of this beautiful season, the opening of the Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) 2019 will offer the best opportunity for the two companies to cooperate for the first time, where we will present the new products and new technologies based on AOIP and 3D sound. STAGETEC and ACE welcome you to visit our joint booth to discuss audio technology at 2001&2002 - No.2 Venue.



The people in the group photo from the left to the right: Mr. Roger Hayler (Technology Director of ACE), Mr. CAO Rongzhen (Vice President of ACE), Mr. ZENG Dong (President of STAGETEC China), and Mr. QI Lixin (General Audio Manager of ACE).



The people in the group photo from the left to the right: Mr. ZHANG Zhao (Technology Director of ACE), Mr. Alexander Nemes (Global Sales Director of STAGETEC-), Mr. ZENG Dong (President of STAGETEC China), and Mr. Roger Hayler (Technology Director of ACE).





AVATUS - Distributed Network Console
Appearing at BIRTV 2019


Headquartered in Berlin, STAGETEC, a professional audio technology manufacturer, presented the fully IP-based mixing console AVATUS in July 2019, which will reinvigorate its mixing console series.


AVATUS is the future in audio consoles. This innovative concept makes full use of the benefits offered by IP technology. The console controller provides TCP/IP connectivity for integration into a network. The surface consists of one large or several smaller modules. This design allows, for example, for separate installation of the metering displays. The system supports remote network connections and even browser-based mixing that requires no specific hardware.


With AVATUS, all hardware modules are created equal. Every touchscreen gives full access to all configuration settings and central desk functions. – The ultimately flexible and limitless concept!



Operation Concept 
• Highest flexibility; all functions available in every module
• Context-based operation using touchscreens
• Smooth-action encoders and faders maintain the analogue feel
• Efficient operation thanks to intuitive workflows
• Obvious function assignments defined by clear colour coding
• Unconfined support for operation by multiple engineers
• Supports simultaneous control from any browser


• Encoder and fader panels internally form one IP module per bay
• Dual concentric encoders are touch-sensitive
• Upper encoder offers an additional push-button
• Encoders derive function from context per channel or per bay
• Dual LED arc displays allow precise adjustments
• Ultra-fast refresh rate constantly displays actual values
• Multicoloured LED backlight always indicates selected function


Control Panel
• Frames available in sizes from 1 to 8 bays
• 12 faders per panel allow up to 96 faders per console
• Consoles available as desktop or standing versions
• Every console built according to user specifications
• Flat “theatre version” to be had with lower display only
• Modules and bays may be split into separate units
• Units can be distributed to different locations
IP Architecture
• Console designed as a TCP/IP-based control surface
• Every surface module receives a dedicated IP address
• Network connects all modules, even when located remotely
• Small units can be powered by PoE
• Connections through the internet are supported
• Surface-controller and DSP-boards hosted in NEXUS STAR Router
• Controller has built-in webserver for browser-based operation
• Console supports access to all audio I/Os on the NEXUS network
• Concept is fully integrated with NEXUS Logic Control for complex control of external systems


• Configuration supports free assignment of channels, groups, or sum buses to each fader strip
• Coloured LED backlight clearly indicates currently mapped function
• Smooth-action motorised faders are touch-sensitive for instant feedback
• Industry-grade keys provide direct access to critical channel functions
• Additional 11 panel keys expose layer settings and global tasks
• Several LEDs and a level indicator give permanent insight on channel status


• 21” anti-glare displays
• Compact industrial design
• Each screen can access all functions
• Typical usage: meters at the top, console operation at the bottom
• Screen-based workflow for easy overview at all times
• Fast, easy, and error-free operation through large touch buttons
• Intuitive workflows with on-screen operation


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The 4K UHD OB Van Video of AVATUS used in the TPC of Switzerland

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