Expo in Retrospect / TV Market Equipment Expo of the 25th Shanghai TV Festival 2019 concluded!

Expo in Retrospect / TV Market Equipment Expo of the 25th Shanghai TV Festival 2019 concluded!

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Expo in Retrospect / TV Market Equipment Expo of the 25th Shanghai TV Festival 2019 concluded!

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The TV Market Equipment Expo of the 25th Shanghai TV Festival 2019, an annual major event in the radio and TV technology industry, came to a perfect ending at Shanghai Exhibition Center on 13th June.



The 25th Shanghai TV Festival was hosted by the National Radio and Television Administration, the China Central Television, and the Shanghai Municipal Government. Its expo attracted over 20,000 people from Film and TV companies, TV stations, colleges and universities, micro films, new media, ad photography, as well as product dealers and traders from both China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and the rest of the world.


The booth of ACE was located at W1 A011, whose overall design adopted the theme of “Grateful for Walking Together • Let’s Stay Together and Start Again”, introducing the concepts of many high-end foreign brands for which it served as an agent, such as the German STAGETEC, the British ADDER, the American TELOS, and the German Sennheiser. Also presented at the booth were the STAGETEC Aurus mixing consoles, the STAGETEC OnAir Flex small mixing consoles, the ADDER Infinity series, the SHURE ADX series, the MA grandMA3 series, the EPICA, the CLAYPAKY, and the AYRTON series.




On the first day of the expo, it’s crowded with a great number of people! Many people visited our booth for the demonstration of new products and had lively discussions. Let’s take a look back at the 3-day expo and ACE’s fantastic moments!


▲ Group photo of ACE board director Mr. LU Zhiqiang, General Manager of ACE Audio Department Ms. QI Lixin, and leaders from the Shanghai Administration Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film & TV

▲ Leaders from the Shanghai Administration Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film & TV visited the booth of ACE to offer guidance and took a group photo.

▲ Group photo of ACE staff on site





Based on different market demands, the ACE booth was divided into audio system demonstration zone, the lighting system demonstration zone, and the wireless system demonstration zone, etc. And a 3D sound live streaming system & mobile terminal demonstration zone was specially put in place to allow visitors to enjoy more diverse experience.

3D sound live streaming system & mobile terminal demonstration zone 


Takeway One


3D sound streaming live demonstration

A 3D sound live streaming system was built at the booth, with the STAGETEC Aurus mixing console as the core, supported by the Dolby Atmos live streaming outfit and a 5.1.4 monitoring system.




The demonstration system is as follows:


The Aurus console itself supported the 3D sound production, transmitting the signals to the 5.1.4 bus via the 3D audio image positioning and to the monitoring system for output.



Using the Aurus 3D Pan to make graphic interface


The Aurus supports the 3D sound production, 5.1.4 channel input, 3D sound bus, 3D audio image control, and 3D sound monitoring control, and can independently accomplish the production of 3D sound programmes to output soundtrack-based 5.1.4 programme. The photo above was shot on site. The audio image was adjusted to the plane and the axis z. Audio positioning with x-y axis was done inside the box. And on the left side of the box was the height adjustment of axis z.



The mixing console arm could rapidly position the sound. Choose the key of the sel channel that needed 3D soundstage positioning, and you would see the arm switched to the channel for control. Following the sound positioning, the console would calculate the sound and turn it back into the 5.1.4 3D sound. 


The onsite system sent the signals to the Dolby Atmos production tool DP590 and encoder DP591 via the console. When the Dolby Atmos broadcast tools were used for 3D sound programmes, configuration and sound elements were defined to be completed in DP590, and real-time monitoring signals were outputted from DP590.



As the broadcast transmission and distribution solutions respectively, the DP590 encoded the Dolby Atmos production type, while the DP580 decoded it. In this demonstration system, the decoded signals would be sent for monitoring.

The mixing console then sent its self-produced 5.1.4 signal, the DP590-returned production monitoring signals, and the DP580-returned encoded and decoded monitoring signals as the monitoring source, to the 5.1.4 monitoring system. The audio source could be compared with others for 3D sound production. The difference between the programme monitoring made by the Aurus console and the one by the Dolby Atmos tools could also be used for the comparison between production monitoring and encoded and decoded monitoring.

Mini live streaming mixing console & KVM switch system demonstration zone

The zone was mostly used to demonstrate the STAGETEC OnAir Flex console, which adopted the IP+baseband system architecture that could ensure a safer and more reliable live streaming system without compromising the high performance. And the Flex console was fully compatible with the SMPTE ST 2110 standard.





Takeway Two


The KVM over IP- broadcast-level large KVM matrix solution


A KVM brand with a history of 35 years created in Cambridge


Presented by ACE

Founded in Cambridge of Britain in 1984, ADDER Technology Inc. is a leading developer of solutions for connecting A/V signals and USB signals, with applications that include point-to-point signal extension, IP-based remote control, and the high-performance AV & USB signal switch matrix solution. The leading design concept and the excellent product quality serve as the cornerstone on which ADDER’s products prevail in the industry.


ADDER offers its global users comprehensive A/V and IT system management solutions. With 30 years of experience, ADDER’s solutions are renowned for their technical excellence and reliable performance across a wide range of industries around the world that include radio & TV, film & TV postproduction, finance, telecommunications, education, utilities, medical care, media, transport, digital signage, and military, and sold in over 60 countries or regions.


In recent years, ADDER has been awarded with various honours, including the well-known British commercial achievement award in the tech industry - Deloitte&Touche Fast-50, which has been conferred to ADDER for 8 consecutive years since it’s created. And it’s awarded the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for its export sales performance in 2014.


The KVM matrix system provides users with multiple ways of access, controls and manages computers with multiple platforms and different physical locations, helps users reduce the complexity of IT systems, and increase the efficiency of users. ADDER’s extenders can extend the signals of a computer’s keyboard, mouse, and videos to remote areas for operations based on different demands, to create a convenient, safe, and low-pollution environment for comfortable operations for users. The ADDER AV extender is widely used to send A/V signals, applicable to digital signage and streaming media (e.g. TV and public Information systems). The ADDER KVM uses the integrated VNC technology to deliver global safe access and control of IT systems, and to better meet reliable customer management of critical system tasks.


During the Shanghai TV Festival, ACE built an operation experience zone dedicated to the ADDER Infinity series KVM matrix system and the CCSPro series mouse cross-screen.



ADDER’s IP-based KVM matrix has the outstanding advantages of a distributed system architecture - a flexible system structure, powerful scalability, and higher resource utilization, which can adapt to any ultra-large system with 500+ nodes based on user demands. A sketch map of its system architecture is as follows:



Due to the limited space, we built a small 2x2 Infinity series IP-based KVM matrix switch experience zone, whose device display and system connection are as follows:




To demonstrate the operations of KVM switch for those who weren’t present, we made a short video below converted as motion graphs for your reference.



Matrix switch: invoke menu and click the computer you need to invoke, or make the switch by tapping the shortcut key. The shortcut key is used to make the switch in the demonstration. The switch of take-over has a rapid response, with a sense of smoothness, which is what the core technology in the high-end KVM system can offer.


The Infinity series products can be compatible with the single-display, dual-display, 2K, and 4K transmitting and receiving ends based on customer demands, applicable to any computer mainframes that need centralized management and the flexible switch and dispatch of KVM.


In addition to the KVM matrix, a popular keyboard and mouse cross-screen switch solution was also presented at the expo.


With the increase of counting machines, servers, and workstations in an IT room, we are often troubled by multiple sets of keyboard and mouse all over the table or the fact that we have to leave behind the keyboard and mouse to tap the key for switch even there’s a keyboard & mouse switch. ADDER’s mouse cross-screen switch solution addresses them all, offering a solution to the problems of using one keyboard, monitoring the keyboard and the mouse at the same time, and operating several computer mainframes.


Cross-screen switch sketch map


Demonstration of onsite cross-screen switch


As the mouse moves between two computer monitors, moving from the left to the right monitor, the keyboard & mouse operations is also switched to the mainframe corresponding to the right monitor. Below the monitor is the indicator lamp. As the mouse moves from one monitor to another to complete the mainframe’s control switch, the corresponding indicator lamp lights.


The CCS Pro cross-screen switch unit has two types: 4-channle and 8-channel, supporting single-screen and double-screen modes. The cross-screen information can be defined according to where the monitor is installed. The product has won universal plaudits from users all over the world as soon as it’s presented.


Wireless system demonstration zone

Starting from 1st June


The ADX series products for which ACE is the exclusive agent


Will be displayed in this zone



▲ SHURE AD and flagship product ADX wireless system


The ADX digital wireless system has the unprecedented signal stability and audio clarity, flexible hardware options, advanced connection, and comprehensive control. Its unique frequency diversity function and automatic frequency hopping technology can deal with various major events at any time.

▲ Powerful RF VENUE wireless audio system


As a great tool for large performances, it can not only become large antennas, but deliver kilometer-level ultra-remote transmission.

Lighting demonstration zone


▼ Brand new updated MA grandMA3 console series

▼ MA dot2 console series


▼ CLAYPAKY、AYRTON、EPICA lighting fixture series



▼ arkaos server series


Thanks to our customers for your visits and support. Our activities will be continued. Please stay tuned to the official account of ACE International on WeChat. Let’s look forward to our next gathering.



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