New Film Association Customer Technical Exchanges

New Film Association Customer Technical Exchanges

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New Film Association Customer Technical Exchanges

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New Film Association Customer Technical Exchanges


To adapt to a film market that is going global and improve cinema acoustic environment and audio system quality, New Film Association, Beijing Movie Equipment Company, and the Film Department of Advanced Communication Equipment (Beijing) Company Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ACE) organized an event of product technical exchanges at the Guang’anmen Cinema in Beijing on March 15th 2019.




As two established companies in the film industry, New Film Association and Beijing Movie Equipment Company have set higher business standards for film service providers of this generation with their perceptions of higher market demands for new technologies, products and experience based on their years of experience in film service. Since the advent of film-digital technology innovations in 2008, large numbers of superior copies have sprung out, with endless great works popping up both at home and abroad. Astounding surround sound effects, comfortable dreamlike experience, and immersive sensory stimulus, have combined to offer viewers an unprecedented audio-visual feast, sweeping across a lot of cinemas, whereas the state-owned theaters and cinemas that abound in the city couldn’t meet market demands due to their severely outdated products and bad viewing experience offered.


But as a saying goes, pressure makes motivation. Confronted with the changing film market, New Film Association and Beijing Movie Equipment Company joined hands with ACE in organizing this event, aimed at improving screening quality and customer satisfaction, winning recognition from more movie fans, and protecting brand effects of established cinemas. So let’s walk together even further in the context of new industrial circumstances and structural adjustments!



Film is a kind of art that integrates sound, light and power to deliver something wonderful. The staff of our Film Department gave an overview of various cinematic techniques that included 3D, 4D, 4K, high frame rate, laser products, streaming media, screening on demand, automatic network supervision, 5.1/7.1/11.1 and Dolby Atmos from a technical standpoint, and from the perspective of flexible operations, they analyzed business methods to adapt to market changes, such as opening large theaters and cinemas to performances and meetings, and running cinema bars, KTVs, and eSports at small ones.


New technologies and products may keep flooding in, but we have always upheld a principle of putting things to good use in the most cost-effective way (which is favorable to reducing customers’ composite operating costs) in delivering projects for our customers. Hence, our engineers elaborated on the BC speakers at the end of the product line, as they are not only the cheapest of its kind but of a superior product family and of superb quality. A session on appraising the JBL-BC 5.1-channel speaker was specially arranged at the cinema hall.
The session consists of two parts. First, single channel listening (to an integration of human sound, soundtrack, and Foley) was conducted, with the subjective assessment method used in the HIFI industry to teach customers how to identify product features and dynamic fidelity. Second, 5.1-channel examples were presented for appraisal. Specifically, we randomly chose 3 clips from 3 different films within schedule to listen, with each lasting 20 minutes, which demonstrated the professional standard of such an excellent speaker. (Note: only the 5.1 project can showcase the overall power of a cinema, with its outstanding performance to meet various strict appraisal standards that each movie fan would have, and multichannel surround products are what we used to attract audience.



ACE would like to join hands with our counterparts to make even greater contributions to the transition of China as a country that churns out films to the one that is powerful in films.


Flagship Products

▲ JBL CPi2000 cinema digital audio processor
The new-generation JBL CPi2000 audio processor is about to make its debut, which perfectly extends the product chain of Harman cinema series. It’s mainly used to improve the audio performance of digital cinemas, and it’s equipped with a high-performance digital analogue converter that delivers EQ, fractional frequency, delay, volume control and system detection, etc. as well as specially designed GUI software.

▲ JBL BC speakers + cost-effective CROWN XLC/CPi cinema power amplifiers

▲ JBL BC speakers + CROWN XLC/CPi - a standard combination for a 15-meter cinema


Beijing New Film Association LLC (hereinafter referred to as New Film Association) is a cinema company jointly funded by 18 cinemas with business operations across Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hebei, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, and Jiangxi, which owns 97 cinemas, 33 of which were established through investment and cooperation with other companies, a website offering industrial services (, and New Movie Fans - a DM magazine dedicated to movie fans, currently the largest and most established of its kind in China. It had investment in and production of several films, had cooperation with Ningxia Film Studio, Huayi Brothers Media Co., Ltd, Stellar Pictures Co., Ltd, built up its brand advantages year by year, and developed an efficient and standard management system and a good reputation over the past 18 years, making it one of the most influential cinemas in China, a credit that is well deserved .



Founded in July 1951, China Movie Equipment Company was transformed to China Movie Equipment LLC with the founding of China Film Group Corporation in 2010. Thanks to over 60 years of development, it has amassed extensive experience in organizing the production, supply and sale of movie equipment with its products reaching every field of the film market. It’s already become a conglomerate with business operations in domestic movie equipment production, import and export of professional movie equipment and related products, professional cinema and rural film market services, hosting Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV), and organizing delegations for domestic and international professional exhibitions.



Founded in 1958, Guanganmen Cinema, with 7 movie halls, is a state-owned cinema that’s been running for over 60 consecutive years in Beijing. It has started to gradually add all series of JBL + CROWN products (including a 500-seat Dolby Atmos hall and 6 7.1-channel halls) since 2017 when it sensed great pressure from the market competition. ACE offered products, built systems and designed speakers for it. Following its completion, industry specialists assessed the set-up to conclude that all test data met Dolby Atmos, DTS and some national standards. The system and devices have been running well since it’s put into operation, winning universal acclaim from the audience with its screening and audio effects.



Founded in 1982, Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Company Ltd is a Hong Kong engineering company that provides professional audio, video and stage lighting services. It’s now a professional equipment vendor and system integrator with business operations across Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao. It has over 36 years of professional experience, making it enjoy an important position in the industry. It offers services to a wide range of customers that include world-noted TV and radio stations, recording studios, theaters, cinemas, stadiums and convention centers. Also, it provides system counseling, system design, system integration, and training.

ACE’s film business covers:
 * Project design and engineering modification
 * Installation and debugging
 * Equipment maintenance
 * Technical training
 * Sound reinforcement for indoor and outdoor road shows

[Specific services we offer]
 * CAD aided design, equipment selection, and mix calculation
 * All series of Christie’s products sale and maintenance
 * Laser modification, and Christie’s laser sale 
 * All series of Dolby Atmos products sale and maintenance
 * Traditional 5.1-11.1, and Dolby Atmos engineering
 * All series of CROWN and JBL products sale and service
 * Equipment relocation, and urgent engineering repair
 * Engineering design, construction, and debugging of cinema bars 
 * Engineering quality control, and annual inspection report   
 * Routine operation and overhaul training
 * Mobile sound reinforcement products sale
 * New theater/cinema LED technologies application
 * Fixed installation of lighting and sound systems for large-scale performing events
 * Renting lighting and sound systems for large-scale performing events

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