TASACM Product Technical Exchanges Held at the Guangzhou Office of ACE (International) Co., Ltd.

TASACM Product Technical Exchanges Held at the Guangzhou Office of ACE (International) Co., Ltd.

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TASACM Product Technical Exchanges Held at the Guangzhou Office of ACE (International) Co., Ltd.

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We were very privileged to have invited Japan’s TASCAM team to have a one-day technical exchanges event in our Guangzhou office on February 27th, 2019.
Introduction to TASCAM
Headquartered in Japan, TASCAM is the division of TEAC Corporation. It’s committed to producing innovative products that catch every novel detail of the music and audio since its founding in 1953. Today, TASCAM products can be seen in every step of audio and music productions. Be it the high-end professional audio post production system, or family music fan, TASCAM has always been there to deliver. It offers users audio/video solutions, making it possible to turn users’ novel ideas into reality.
 ▲ Staff group photo

Introduction to ACE
Founded in 1982, ACE (International) Co., Ltd. (ACE for short) is an engineering company that offers professional audio, video and stage lighting services. It’s now become a professional device supplier and system integrator in the mainland where we have established up to 6 offices (in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an and Shenyang), as well as China’s Hong Kong and Macao regions. Our professional experience of three decades has allowed us to have an important position in the industry.
 ▲ Venue: ACE Guangzhou office
Technical exchanges:
* Demonstration and introduction of the new product
* Introduction on how to use the new product with existing ones and its functions
* Case studies
* System building and needs of places
* Product operations and discussions


Operation demonstration and discussions
* Functional operations of the new product
* Remote operations with third party software and APP
* Introduction to compatibility of different firmware versions and their differences
* Introduction to advantages and disadvantages of the product


The new product introduced in this technical exchange event
MX-8A Matrix Mixer
With DSP Processor built in
Applicable to medium- and small- sized audio installations


Building medium- and small- sized systems
TASCAM MX-8A can mix audio signals of microphones and playback devices to 8 different areas, which is applicable to installation systems in medium- and small- sized stores, restaurants or banquet halls.


Features at a glance:
01. Powerful integrated DSP
The Onboard DSP offers a complete set of audio processing for microphones and line input, including a compressor, four-band parametric EQ and auto level control. The output section features a 10-band EQ with high/low-pass filter, delay, and a limiter function per output.


02. Remote Controller   
  The TASCAM MX-8A can be controlled with either control software application that is available. 
  ➣ TASCAM MX Connect, dedicated for system integrators, controls the configuration and settings of the entire system.


03. Parameters  
* 8 mic/line inputs, supports phantom power (+48v)
* Supports remote mic gain control
* 8 line outputs
* Euroblock connectors, used for signal I/O
* Compatible with external softwares (Windows/macOS/Android/iOS), with USB audio interface mode that allow audio playing or recording
* Includes various DSP functions, ideal for different scenes or environments
* Flexible scene preset function can invoke all sorts of configurations (up to 50 scene presets)
* Timer event function allows presets to be switched at specific times (planned for a future update)
* Two types of user control software available (compatible with Windows/Mac/iOS/Android devices)
* TASCAM MX Connect for system integrators: I/O routing selection, DSP/Design/Scene Settings, etc. of the entire system
* TASCAM EZ Connect for end-users, a simple app for only the most necessary settings, such as area volume settings.
* RS-232C Connector that supports serial remote control system
* RS-485 Connector, using a dedicated wall-mounted remote controller to control MX-8A, (Accessories are available, and release date is yet to be announced.)
* Supports Ethernet network remote control
* 1U rackmount size
* Installation indicator light indicates operation status and control software connection status.
04. Compact half-U Ddante processor series
* MM-4D/IN · built-in 4 channel mic/line input Dante processor
* MM-4D/OUT · built-in 4 channel line output Dante processor
* MM-2D · built-in 2 channel mic/line I/O Dante processor
* AE-4D · built-in 4 channel AES/EBU I/O Dante processor



05. Flexible routing  
Dante controller allows easy routing to every Dante device. I/O unit can be flexibly added to new or existing Dante system.


06. Compatible with Dante and AES67 model  
Compact Dante processor series is compatible with Dante protocol which has safety function, and WAN can be used. It allows easy access to Dante system with existing network infrastructure. The AES67 model can also be used to connect the AES67 network system.
The I/O endpoints with Dante function can offer superior choices for various public facilities, broadcast applications, recording, post production studios, sound reinforcement systems, and corporate meeting rooms, etc., offering up to 24 96kHz audio conversion. Compact Dante processors can be freely combined to create customized systems and can be easily installed under tables or on the walls. The angles for rackmount installation can be adjusted. For example, they can be installed on the available accessory - the AK-RS1 rackmount.



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