ENCORE MELAKA (III) | Post Production + Peroration

ENCORE MELAKA (III) | Post Production + Peroration

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ENCORE MELAKA (III) | Post Production + Peroration

(Summary description)

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For “ENCORE MELAKA premixing in Office” video, please visit
Series #4: Post Production
As the first abroad Encore Series show, ENCORE MELAKA will help to promote prosperous development of Malaysia's tourism industry. On July 7th, the creative team presented the most fabulous show in this world-class indoor theatre with the first 360-degree rotating auditorium of Malaysia. It is a great honor for ACE to participate in this project to create an impressive feast of sound by professional audio products and multimedia production technology.


This rotatable round stage provides many possibilities for sound creation; and the large-scale performing space and full-coverage sound system setting up provide an excellent basis for multi-channel audio creation. To ensure perfect sound effects, we set up a mini-version of the Malacca audio system in Beijing Office as the premixing stage, being prepared for the onsite final mixing in Malacca.
We connected audio workstation to Soundcraft Vi3000 Mixer through Dante Protocol. After that,each speaker position of the multichannel audio system was determined. Then  we completed the system alignment, and determined the sound pressure level based on the mixing room size. The mixing console worked with audio workstations to create a multichannel mixing environment. The mixing engineer created the multi-tracks premixing in the sweet spot. On the whole, it is very professional.



▲ Premixing in Office
The installation and alignment of audio system are familiar to us, the most creative part is multi-track mixing. It is also an important part of sound art creation. Upon arrival the spot, we conducted the final mixing based on the latest performance programs, and used a dedicated multi-channel processor to process the on-site multichannel environment, having the workstation outputs match with the entire audio system. Through the clever ideas of mixing creation, different sound elements such as voices, sounds, music and environmental sound were used to present the dramatic impression, tell the story vividly, and touch the hearts of audience.



▲ Final Mixing Onsite
The development of multichannel audio provided more possibilities for sound. In such a large field, voices may whisper around your ear, music can surround you like in a bowl, sound effects allow you to perceive the movement of an object, and environment sound can make you feel like you are actually there, these all can be realized through multi-channel mixing. Comparing to the stereo, multi-channel can carry more sources, express them clearly and accurately, create rich sound spaces and convey more emotion. Sounds ad voices are participating in every performing scene as another "actor".
ACE is committed to providing professional sound experience. We also have grown with the Malacca project this time, on the basis of professional system installation, made good progress in professional audio production, and brought unforgettable audio-visual experiences for the onsite audience. Trust on the professionals!



To create a heartquake show, all key elements should be combined perfectly such as deliberate content, precise stage design, actor's emotional performance, and effects of sound, lighting and image. In a word, a successful work is the result of high-quality hardware and software! So-called software refers to the elite talent in all fields who provide the best content creativity, music creation, audio design and recording production under limited conditions. And the hardware refers to selecting the best system equipment under cost control used by those talents to present their best creative works!
It is ACE’s honor that we have cooperated with Wang Chaoge Director Team’s creative works for many years, accumulated real-life performance design experiences, and worked with and attracted many elite talents. We are grateful for all encounters, appreciate for all comments, and are looking forward to next Encore!
ENCORE MELAKA has been performed publicly on May 28th, 2018. And the formal Premiere date was scheduled on July 7th, 2018. Scenic Malacca will see you there, encore!
Thanks all ACE staff worked hard for ENCORE MELAKA. The list below may not include you, but ACE will never forget you!

▲ Bingo - Audio System Chief Designer (Vice President, ACE) 
▲ Chen Jianhua – Head of Project Construction
▲ Zhang peng– Head of Project Construction
  ▲ Xiong sihong– Head of Project Construction

  ▲ Ding Zhenzhong - Audio System Technical Support

  ▲ Wang Xuyang - Audio System Technical Support
  ▲ Wei Fangxia – Mixing and Production
  ▲ Zhang Wei – Lighting/Video Head


  ▲ Wang Xinyu – Video Engineer/Operator
 ▲ Lu Haifeng - Video Engineer/Operator
  ▲ Yang Zongjian – Lighting Technical Support


▲ Zhang Lele – Lighting Technical Support


▲ Zhao Xiaoming – Lighting/Video Construction Head


  ▲ Wang Tianxin (Redline) – Video Programming/Technical Support


  ➢ Prelude: Project Background
  ➢ Series #1: A Look into Our Audio System
   ➢ Series #2: A Look into Our Lighting System
   ➢ Series #3: A Look into Our Video System
   ➢ Series #4: Post Production
   ➢ Peroration











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