2018 New Lighting and Audio Technology Outlook Conference

2018 New Lighting and Audio Technology Outlook Conference

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2018 New Lighting and Audio Technology Outlook Conference

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Upon the first anniversary of the Expert Committee of China Entertainment Technology Association Fifth (Shanghai) Branch, 2018 New Lighting and Audio Technology Outlook Conference - jointly hosted by the Fifth (Shanghai) Branch and Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Co., Ltd. - was held successfully in Shanghai on December 4, 2017.



With the theme of "Experience, Share, Help and Improve", the conference has set up an exchange platform to share cutting-edge audio and lighting technology and products, aiming to promote the prosperity and development of performing arts industry. About 180 industry experts, guests and peers attended this event.


At the beginning, Chairman of China Entertainment Technology Association Shanghai Branch Zhou Chunzhi addressed to the Conference: ACE played a positive role in promoting the development of domestic entertainment equipment industry. Not only introducing the latest foreign technology and products, ACE has also provided equipment and technical support for many major projects in the country. We hope that ACE would bring more advanced stage lighting audio video technology and products for the cultural development in the future, to assist the industry association in continuous development of technology construction.


Mr. Cao Rongzhen, Vice President of ACE (International) Co., Ltd., addresses to the Conference


Mr. Cao Rongxia, Vice President of ACE, addressed to the Conference on behalf of ACE: ACE has been established for more than 35 years. And our scope of business has been expanded from the OB Van earlier to many fields now including OB Van, recording studio, broadcast room, theater, sports venues, conference center, theme park, hotel, multimedia exhibition, education, mobile performance and others. We also provide technical consult, system design, product sales, engineering construction, system commissioning, technical training, maintenance and other services. ACE and its engineering partners have completed many projects throughout China. Representative projects in last two years include Shanghai Disney Theme Park, G20 Arts Gala, the Military Parade on 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to the Motherland, and so on. ACE thanks the Association and all the expert teachers for your great support and help; thanks the project wholesalers for your consistent support and accompany.


Ms. Guo Feng, Vice Technical Director of ACE, is hosting the Conference


The technical session is divided into two parts - Audio System and Lighting, hosted by Ms. Guo Feng, Vice Technical Director of ACE.


Chapter of Audio System

1. Trends of Audio Transmission Technology
■ AOIP has become the mainstream technology of audio signal transmission;
■ AES67 Standard is a “bridge” allowing interoperability between different AOIP signals;
■ AOIP and AES67 – Functions, advantages and roles played in performing arts.


 Mr. Shen Zhuan, Senior Product Manager of ACE, is giving a presentation

2. Shure Wireless Digital Microphone
Digitization of wireless microphone has become a new technology trend. Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless System with 24bit 48KHz sampling rate, has features of extremely high spectrum efficiency, secure wireless encryption transmission, powerful and fast network monitoring, rugged structure and so on.


 JBL VTX A12 Line Array Speaker

3. JBL VTX A12 Line Array Speaker
American HARMAN group launched a Line Array Speaker JBL VTX A12 with brand new technology in this May. With High-Middle-Low three-frequency structure, its volume is only 330x1118x495(mm). The maximum sound pressure of JBL VTX A12 is up to 146dB, with good sound quality and wide application range. Its hoisting structure and transportation system are fast and convenient, plus powerful mobile performance software sets, making the handling and commissioning of the speaker groups much simpler. It was auditioned with multi-style music signals on the scene. The attendees responded well.


 ENNE Horizon Speaker

Since its establishment in 1995, ENNE brand has been developed more than 20 years. The 2018 new product ENNE CS series speaker was unveiled on the scene. It was developed by ENNE in collaboration with Japanese research and development team, with compact size, high sound pressure, wide frequency range and good sound reduction effect. Vertica and Horizon column speakers were introduced and auditioned in the presentation. These two models have quite good sound quality and have been widely used in major projects. Developed by ENNE lately, Econtrol Multimedia System Processing and Control Core was also introduced in the presentation. It integrates many functions including audio processing, power amplifier, high definition video matrix, 

Chapter of Lighting


1. MA Lighting
Since launched the first product in 1985, MA has contributed a variety of classic products to the industry. Today, MA Lighting has been widely used in global concerts, large-scale performances, theatre show, real-life scenery performances, TV studios, exhibition buildings and other occasions. Launched in 2008, GrandMa 2 series has become a required device in global top concerts and large-scale events (Rio Olympic Games, Eurovision, Tianjin National Games ...)
dot2 series – the small lighting console newly launched in 2015 - is suitable for small to medium-scale performances and lighting engineering.

Ms. Li Yiran, Lighting Department of ACE, is giving a presentation


CLAYPAKY is an Italian manufacturer specialized in entertainment lighting. It mainly produces moving head lights, follow spot lights and other stage lighting. After being acquired by Osram in 2014, CLAYPAKY launched a brand new LOGO image.



Compared with general lights, CLAYPAKY's Scenius series products have the characteristics of strong light source, true color rendition and long life. It uses 6500K,1400W Osram gas discharge bulb, with 8-50° Zoom, Auto-Follow zoom system, 7 color plates, 14 pattern plates (6 rotation + 8 fixed), one 4 sides rotatable prism, a precise profile system consisting of 4 independent sheets to produce perfect shapes.


The brand new K-EYE series and SharBar LED Moving Head Light Fixture launched by ClayPaky this year


Composed of 37 6-color (red, green, blue, amber, cyan, lime) LED light sources, K-EYE K20 HCR has a very wide color range, with color rendering index up to 97. It is an excellent LED Wash Light.


SharBar is an advanced moving LED bar with unprecedented effect. It fits 6 Osram Ostar RGBW 30W beads, with 240° motorized tilt (in 0.2 seconds), and the minimum 2° beam angle of electric zoom. Each of the 6 beams can be directed independently in the 60° angle producing stunning beam effects.



The final session of the Conference is technical exchange and communication. Participants actively discussed and shared the characteristics and applications of new technology and new products, as well as the technical characteristics of different brand speakers. They also experienced the fast and easy assembly and disassembly of JBL VTX A12 Line Array Speakers, as well as the high color rendering and high intelligence of CLAYPAKY Intelligent Lights. The Conference concluded successfully in the light of a golden sunset.

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