2017 ACE Expertise and Skills Training of Stage lighting, Audio System Application and Operation

2017 ACE Expertise and Skills Training of Stage lighting, Audio System Application and Operation

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2017 ACE Expertise and Skills Training of Stage lighting, Audio System Application and Operation

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On June 14-15, 2017, Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Co., Ltd. was invited by Management Committee of Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre, Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. South China Regional Division, and Dongguan Poly Yulan Theater Management Co., Ltd., to hold a 2-day Symposium in Yulan Grand Theater.


Dongguan Yulan Grand Theater is praised as "World-class, Top Five in China, Best in South China, Best in Cities". This time, we brought introductions and technical exchanges of MA2 Lighting Console, Clay Paky Lights, WDMX Wireless Controller, STUDER Digital Control Console, SOUNDCRAFT Digital Mixer, SHURE Wireless System, JBL Speakers, TASCAM and other products for all experts and peers from theatres, radio stations, TV stations and professional groups.
Using G20 Summit Enduring Memories of Hangzhou and Encore Dunhuang projects as case samples, the session of sound reinforcement system case sharing introduced outdoor and indoor two sets of different design concepts, application characteristics, equipment selection and other integrated technology applications. We have built up two sets of sound reinforcement system on-site, and reproduced the audio-visual effects of Enduring Memories of Hangzhou and Encore Dunhuang through the perfect combination of video and lighting systems. By this way, attendees on the scene have experienced the excellent performance of the integrated multimedia system, as if they passed through thousand years and come to Dunhuang in person.



More and more large-scale performances and activities choose to use the main and standby mirroring mixers audio system. To this end, ACE specially prepared the lectures about the development and trend of Main and Standby Mirroring Mixers Audio System and Dante Network Audio System, aiming to have everyone understand the importance of performance security and Dante network popularization, so as to make informative decisions in audio system building.


ACE SHURE Service team has combined their own experience and cases to explain the basic applications of wireless systems, the key factors in daily use and installation of wireless systems. In addition, the team provided theoretical knowledge explanation to the users who manage and use the wireless system, aiming to improve their level of using SHURE wireless systems. The team also shared some interesting and practical cases.



As for lighting system, we first shared the lighting case analysis of Encore Dunhuang with attendees on June 14, and then introduced Clay Paky innovative rotary scanning lights, and the latest Scenius series top-level lights. In addition, based on the ultra-high color rendering feature of Scenius series lights, we explained spectral composition, principles of object color rendering and other relevant knowledge. Finally, our technicians displayed a light show with the equipment on site.

On June 15, we introduced MA Lighting dot2 series products, including console, flank, processor and related computer software. The one-day dot2 Console training allows attendees to experience the powerful MA system and the streamlined design of dot2.


 MA dot2 Console Training



Light Show
The followings are introductions of product features in this Symposium, aiming to show the atmosphere of the scene to professional peers who cannot attend the meeting.


Soundcraft Vi Series Mixer


In the Symposium, we used Soundcraft Vi2000 and Vi3000 Digital Mixers to do on-site technical training of sound reinforcement. Those sound reinforcement systems used DANTE Network audio interface which is the standard configuration of Vi series mixer, making the system building flexible and convenient.


Vi Series Mixer has Vistonics touch screen and FaderGlow patented technology, providing an intuitive control experience when peers and experts try it out. The function of main and standby mixer mirroring control can be realized with two Mixers, making the operation of whole system more stable and reliable, to ensure large-scale performances go on successfully.


Soundcraft Si Series Mixer

In the Symposium, Soundcraft Si series Mixers - Si Performer, Si Expression, Si impact all showed up. Their simple and easy operating mode attracted many peers and experts to try out.


Working with our independent developed product ACE-LINK Si, Si series Mixer also can realize the function of main-standby mixers mirroring operation and hot standby, providing an excellent contingency plan for unexpected situations.


STUDER VISTA Digital Mixer


Studer Vista 1 Digital Mixer is an excellent choice for large-scale performances, live sound reinforcement and post-production.


Vista 1 has Vistonics™ touch screen with up to 40 screen settings knobs, and FaderGlow™ patented technology giving each fader a color, providing a more intuitive and easy-to-use operating experience, even a new users can quickly get started. It also has powerful mixing function with up to 96DSP channels, and supporting production of 5.1 surround sound.


SHURE AXIENT Wireless Microphone Systems


And of course, SHURE AXIENT Wireless microphones also have been proven in many domestic major performances. AXIENT has interference detection and avoidance function, and can real-time monitor on use and backup frequency points, providing high security of wireless microphone transmission; Lithium battery level is intuitive showing remaining time with 15 minutes allowance. The combination of AXIENT, Shure WWB6 software which monitor the status of each channel real-time, and Showlink Console is a hassle-free solution for the performances.


 SHURE ULXD Digital Wireless Microphones


ULXD Wireless System can provide high quality sound and very high dynamic. No matter for voice pickup or for large dynamic instrument, it can reproduce the sound picked up very well. In addition, it can encrypt signals in the transmission process, offering secure and reliability to speeches by important leaders and hosts.


19” standard rack accommodates 4 channels and provides a Dante interface, providing a simple and lightweight wireless system for performances.




GrandMA likes an old grandma who you can always trust on. This trust does not come out of nowhere, but from its stable, solid and reliable system performance. In the field of High-tech lighting systems, you need assured products and assured services. With its branches and technology centers all over the world, and its extensive marketing networks of experienced distributors, MA Lighting Company created and launched the advantage solution – providing assured products through assured services. Foothold on today, looking to the future...


Clay Paky Lighting Fixtures


1400W Osram lok-it gas discharge bulb; luminous flux up to 120000 lumens; basic color temperature 6500K; very high color rendering index, more than 90 and up to 98; 8-50° linear zoom; Auto-Follow zoom system, 4 independently moving sheets to produce any shape of light spot; 14 pattern plates (6 rotation + 8 fixed).

Communications on the scene


The audio engineer of Dongguan Yulan Grand Theater tried out Wireless microphone, and gave a high rating: All kinds of SHURE microphone head worked with ULXD wireless system very well. High-quality reproduced sound. It is possible to choose a suitable microphone head for different program forms or singing style in a performance, to get more real and natural sound.

After listening to the Dante network protocol lecture, the attendees stated: the convenience of the Dante network protocol will play an important role in the future. The devices can transmit dozens of audio channels only via network line, and all devices can be configured flexibly only via the switch. Then it will be very convenient to add or replace device in the future.

Auditioning ENNE sound reinforcement system. Many attendees provided audition music, and affirmed the quality of ENNE products
grandMA light control console is very powerful. The attendees are very active, inquisitive, and full of praise for MA2.



Here we would like to thank all peers again for your attention and participation, and special thank Management Committee of Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre, Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. South China Regional Division, and Dongguan Poly Yulan Theater Management Co., Ltd. for your great support.

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