Shining Technology in Memory and Contemporary Exhibition | The 57th Venice International Art Biennale China Pavilion Opens

Shining Technology in Memory and Contemporary Exhibition | The 57th Venice International Art Biennale China Pavilion Opens

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Shining Technology in Memory and Contemporary Exhibition | The 57th Venice International Art Biennale China Pavilion Opens

(Summary description)

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 Themed as "Memory and Contemporary", 2017 the 57th Venice International Art Biennale China Pavilion opened in Venice, Italy. The exhibition will continue until November 26.



 "Memory and Contemporary" organizes a timeline of past, present and future for us: It is about inheritance and innovation. "Memory" is the mother of wisdom, the source of Imagination. "Contemporary" contains the meaning of cutting edge and innovative in western language context.


As the sponsor and organizers of this exhibition, the Palace Museum, Pegasus Media and other institutions have been committed to combining the excellent Chinese tradition with the contemporary art conception, and combining the brilliant Chinese culture with the western fashion, to promote Chinese culture to go abroad. This exhibition is just a bridge between traditional culture and contemporary art, a bridge between western fashion and technology dialogue. With the development of science and technology, this bridge also provides new possibility, scalability and breakthrough for individual fields.


“Images of The Imperial Palace” Corridor, Sundial, Arc Screen; Room of Rare Treasures - Sanxitang, Lodge of Retirement – Juanqinzhai in holographic display; show the audience those treasures and historical images in the Palace Museum accumulated in hundreds of years. These Chinese art treasures were vividly presented in a very limited space.

Corridor (12 projectors, 6 on each side to project onto Corridor walls)



Sundial (2 projectors for the Sundial, 1 for the background plate behind the Sundial)

Arc Screen (8 projectors, 4 of them overlapped project onto the ground, another 4 of them project onto the entire Arc Screen)





 Holographic Images  (4 projectors, 1 of them project onto the holographic background plate, 3 of them project onto three walls to produce the holographic images through reflection of the projection)


The “Future” section is a creative work composed of a set of sculpture devices and multimedia interactive videos, named "Oneness of Heaven and Man - Eye, Brain, Hand and Body". It is an achievement of the multimedia team led by Sun Jianjun, one of the curators and the Chairman of Pegasus Media, worked with many multimedia artists and 99 students from China's most famous 11 art schools. It is a work of manifesto, and represents the beginning rather than the height of artistic level.



 Among others, the "Hand" part uses the 99 students selected from China’s 11 art colleges and universities as hand models. They symbolize the future of Chinese contemporary art. Everything is interactive, just like this era of real-time Interaction.


"Eye" part show  (1 projector for the eye socket, 1 TV set is put in the pupil hole to display images)




“Brain" part show  (3 projectors, 2 of them project onto the brain, 1 of them projects onto the cross and vertical sections)




“Hand" part show  (1 projector for outside of the hand)

“Body" part show
(5 projectors, 4 of them project onto background plate, 1 of them project onto the human body. The human body has YIN and YANG two sides. YANG side is convex, representing for men; YIN side is concave, representing for women. How to project onto two different facets with 1 projector, reverse control is the key. Using the mechanical motion stop to control the image output, can realize YIN side and YANG side flipping back and forth every 15 seconds. The advantage of this control method is if the first frame corresponded, other image displays will not have any errors)




Using the science and technology in this era, such as holographic devices, VR, projection, LED, embedded video etc., we can realize all artistic imaginations. However, this is different from the traditional meaning of the creation. Group creation will replace individual creation, as the individual alone has not enough capacity and resources to reach that level. Oneness of Heaven and Man is just a case.


Multimedia exhibit Oneness of Heaven and Man - Eye, Brain, Hand and Body



In the "Dialogue", five famous Italian designers made some redesigns based on the Palace Museum's collections. Antonio Citterio’s chair, Michele De Lucchi’s lamp, Stefano Giovannoni’s sofa, Piero Lissoni’s cabinet, Italo Rota’s table were born in this process.



Through the hands of Western designers, traditional Oriental civilization is reborn in another form more suitable for modern life, conforming to the "Harmony and Difference" implied in the "Dialogue" section. The collision and fusion between these "differences" embodies the value of "Memory" to "Contemporary". It is also an effective way that the tradition goes to rebirth.




 Art is becoming ubiquitous, touchable, even the thing you’re in it. This is the most practical benefit that new technologies bring to art. The multimedia technologies in "Memory and Contemporary" Venice Art Biennale Collateral Event are all-round integration of the most advanced means. All of four multimedia exhibitions have achieved an amazing effect, and been highly praised by the Italian visitors. In this kind of immersion experience, they can enjoy the beauty of the traditional Imperial Palace, and appreciate

the great changes of information life in this era.


And in this exhibition, the control mode is a highlight. For the human body's YIN and YANG changes, use the movement of stage machinery to reverse control the images display. The image will appear only when the stage machinery completely in place, which fully guarantee that the image displays will not have any errors. Other controls are realized through an eight-way remote controller, to control the lighting console, overall start/stops and start/stop of each individual Hall. It also starts a new control mode which is unprecedented in China.

“Memory and Contemporary” Collateral Event is just a beginning of inheritance and innovation. It is a trial, a collision between art and technology, still full of unknown and mysterious.


Control Room

Main Equipment
grandMA2 light x 2
NPU x 2
Arkaos MediaMaster PRO (4 Output) x 2
Arkaos MediaMaster PRO (2 Output)x19
Panasonic Projector x 40
Panasonic Projector Lens x 8
Switcher x 6
Switch x 4
Remote controller x 4
Host: The Palace Museum
Organizer: Pegasus Media, JiuQiTang, First Italy Co., Ltd.


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