Encore Dunhuang

Encore Dunhuang

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(Summary description)

Encore Dunhuang

(Summary description)

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Project Profile 
Sponsored by Gansu Siku Culture Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. with an investment of 600 million Yuan and Directed by Ms. Wang Chaoge, Encore Dunhuang is the only indoor situational play staged in China’s Northwestern region and a new tourist attraction in the region in addition to the Mogao Caves and Crescent Lake.
The show is an epic of the Silk Road and an embodiment of the openness, inclusiveness, cooperation, and win-win mentality inherent in the Belt and Road Initiative. With a cast of more than 500, Encore Dunhuang shows you the history and allows you to “talk” to the ancients. The “streamlined” space experience performance model showed under the “time-travel" guideline breaks through the limitations of time and space.

The four zones of the venue are divided by topic rather than by time period, presenting thousands of years of cultural heritage of Dunhuang. Encore Dunhuang takes the audience to a time travel. It is designed to reproduce the history, allowing you to experience it while walking. Strolling around within the theater, decades or even centuries flashes before the eyes. 


ACE is the only contractor of all the stereo, lighting and video systems for this grand event. The project lasted for 6 months from commencement of the construction in April 2016 until the show was premiered in September 2016.




Lighting and Video Equipment
Lighting Console
grandMA onPC Command Wing x1
grandMA2 Light x4
Lighting Network
grandMA 2Port Node x10
grandMA NPU x4
Video Equipment
grandMA VPU x2
ArKaos Video Server x3
D3 Video Server x1
BARCO Projector x6
Lighting Equipment
CLAYPAKY SCENIUS  Profile 1400 x24
CLAYPAKY Alpha Profile 700 x32
CLAYPAKY Sharpy Wash 330 x8
Moving lights from PR Lighting
LED lamps from Guangzhou Yajiang Photoelectric Equipment

Technical and System Applications


Encore Dunhuang project employed the MA Lighting system for the overall lighting and video control. MA Lighting products are used in most major performance events in China due to their good stability and compatibility.


Due to complexity for theoretical use, we used three types of video servers. In the four performance zones (A/B/C/D), they are independent from each other, but are also connected. It is a technical challenge to achieve this.

Effect Picture of Zone B

In Zone B, 9 projectors are used. The creative use of visual images helps to create a large-area effect. It is our work to facilitate the presentation of arts while not affecting the operation and maintenance of equipment. This was enabled by the use of a D3 16-port video server.


Effect Picture of Zone D

Use of video equipment in Zone D is rather complicated, as it requires the use of both moveable projection screens and mounted projection screens and illumination of different areas. Use of a moveable projection screen to produce creative effect is still new in China. Hangzhou Joinus Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading player in this field of the domestic market. We ultimately developed a video solution that produced perfect visual effects after repeated field trials by overcoming many technical difficulties in both the power supply or signal transmission.

Use of a mounted projection screen is easy for an ordinary theater, but not for this project, as moveable projection screens are used. This greatly increased the difficulty in equipment selection and construction. We finally used the Arkaos video servers and compact projectors to present a three-dimensional experience space for the audience.

Four 26,000LM BARCO projectors are mounted on both sides of the stage to illuminate the opposite wide walls. They are vertically mounted at the height and position determined based on precise calculation and field tests in order to avoid the moving screen and achieve the overall effect.
Illuminating on the ground is also required in order to achieve the performance effect. A track mirror is technically added to adjust the illuminating angel. MA VPUs used allow 0-90° lossless video shooting.

The 2 different types of video servers and projectors are artfully combined to create a plurality of portfolios.
Equipment Introduction
1. CLAYPAKY SCENIUS Profile 1400 (moving lights)


The latest release of Clay Paky. It is trustworthy as always as it inherited Clay Paky’s precise positioning and excellent color rendering performances.


2.  CLAYPAKY Alpha Profile 700 (moving lights)



CLAYPAKY Alpha Profile 700 series has never been surpassed to date. This series is mainly used in the grid aisle in Zone B as effect lights. It is light and mute. This is also an important reason why it is favored by lighting engineers and also what CLAYPAKY pursues.



We Are Proud of Being Part of the Success

Encore Dunhuang was required to be premiered at the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo. Due to short construction period and heavy work, we dispatched a large number of management and technical personnel to ensure construction quality and speed up construction progress and finally met the schedule.
The success of the Encore Dunhuang is the result of the joint efforts of all people concerned. For our beloved performing arts, we are proud of being part of the success!

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